Do I need an attorney to help with SSI or SSDI?

Due to the fact that the Social Security Administration conducts intensive investigation to determine whether you qualify for either social security disability insurance (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI), many applicants every year instantly get rejected for both. Many claims will stand a hearing before an administrative law judge, which is when a social security disability lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome. A huge reason for this is the lack of proper preparation for the hearing, especially for the disabled whether he or she is unable due to physical or mental impairment or illness. Even if the disability doesn’t impair one’s ability to prepare for the hearing, the process is filled with extensive rules and regulations.

Not only will a seasoned social security disability attorney have years of experience in both SSDI and SSI, he or she only gets paid if you win the case (a.k.a. contingency). Some aspects of your case that your disability lawyer will consider include test results, medical records, statements from treating physicians, and a thorough display of applied knowledge about disability law and social security procedures. While an attorney is not a required in a social security disability hearing, the benefits strongly outweigh the costs: without paying your lawyer an initial fee, you have a strong, knowledgeable litigation on your side defending your future as you know it.

Even if you are lucky enough to receive social security disability insurance or supplemental security income without legal aid, you might not receive the level of benefits that you require to survive fiscally. In addition, it may take a very long time to even arrange a hearing with an administrative law judge. A social security disability lawyer will do everything possible to protect your future livelihood while optimizing your chance to get the benefits you need.